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 Does America Need Revival?

Yes, the United States is definitely due for a revival, as a matter of fact; we are long overdue for it. Our world is in sad shape, what used to be right is now wrong, and what used be wrong is not wrong, anymore.


America has lost her moral and biblical standards, those values, being the core fiber that this country was founded upon. It is sad to say that the United States of America has been corrupted in so many ways, that our foundation has swiftly shifted from its strong base of Christian values, to nothing less than the shaky ground America seems to be standing on today.

Nothing but Jesus can help this poor, sorry land in which we live. Nothing but His grace and His mercy can heal our broken land. Only by his love and faithfulness does he continue to protect a country of people that have put him aside.

God can heal a nation, if that nation cries out to Him. He can heal this nation if the people of the United States of America, look to Him and repent from sin. He is a God of forgiveness, who wants good things for his people. He will never force our will, or push Himself upon us. He longs and waits for us to cry out to Him and He is waiting for America.

America needs revival now, before any more time is wasted. Wake up America, you and the rest of the world are in desperate need of Jesus Christ, and revival, because our world is filled with...

                    Worldly immorality, the homeless, aids and drugs,

the breakdown in the family,

a lack of kiss and hugs.


Children having children, pregnancies on the rise,

abortions killing babies, pro choice ignores their cries.


Helpless little blessings, their existence some deny,

all these precious children are conceived only to die.


God is gone from government, from schools and from the home,

the outcome of this travesty is Satan is free to roam.


He roams around this great big world, with destruction, death and lies,

he chooses all his victims and enjoys their pain, their cries.


He binds them in, their fleshly lusts, fills them with fear,

destroys their trust.


He is darkness, the enemy of our soul, he dwells in misery, 

in the pits of Sheol.


One day Jesus will return, and He will destroy the beast,

the Lord will reign a thousand years,

and we will live in peace.

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Spiritual Poetry

                                             So It Is Finished


So it is finished, is the way it began,

the day Jesus died for the sins of all man.

Forgive them Father, for they do not know,

their sins are forgiven, they’re now pure as snow.


They’ve beaten my body, they’ve pierced my right side,

forgive them my Father, with His arms open wide.

This cup is bitter, remove it He cried,

taking the sins of the world as he died.


Nailed to a cross up on Calvary’s hill,

as He gave up his ghost, prophecy was fulfilled.

 But death could not hold him, the lamb that was slain,

and just as He promised He rose up again.


He died for all men, the scripture fulfilled,

no darkness could hold back the

 Light of the World.



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                                      Omnipotent Father


Omnipotent Father creator above,

we look for your guidance,

we seek your sweet love.


You died for all sinners,

to save them from death.

asked God to forgive them,

with your final breath.


You gave us salvation and eternal life,

you comfort and help us when

we’re faced with strife.


I’m thankful and grateful,

for your saving grace,

and I long for the day

that we meet face to face.

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Swept Away 




To rise up to the heavens above,

to an eternal kingdom made of love.


A place where there are streets of gold,

no greater beauty to behold.


Where cherubim and angels sing,

continuous praises to the king.


No pain or tears or sorrow there,

just peace and joy, beyond compare.


So open up your heart to Him,

ask His forgiveness for your sins.


Repent from sin, this very day,

when Jesus comes, be swept away.


Be swept away by Jesus,

Be taken by his Love.

For it was given unto us,

by his precious blood.



Picture by  Jim Warren
© Jim Warren    All Rights Reserved

Unto You



 Unto you I come oh Lord,

to seek your comfort and your grace.

Unto you I come oh Lord,

to flee from pain and seek your peace.

When I reach out, I find you there,

I’m not alone, you’re everywhere.

You are in my heart, my soul, my mind,

your word say’s “Seek and ye shall find.”

When I am weak Lord, you are strong,

you bring me back, where I belong.

You place my feet, back on your path,

you free me from pain, fear, and wrath.

You reign on earth and heaven above,

there is nothing greater than your love.

I want to always seek your ways,

to sing you worship and thankful praise.


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God’s grace has been sufficient

for me in all my days.

He has showered me with his love

in so very many ways.


 God knows the very heart of me,

He knows my hearts desires.

He’s always here within me,

He keeps my heart afire.

God has helped me through the trials,

that have come to pass my way.

and He is always here to listen,

when I come to him to pray.

God answers in a small still voice,

when I am troubled and alone,

I want to thank you Jesus,

for making me your own.

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Why Ask Why?



I looked up to the mountain as it stood vast against the sky

it's majesty amazed me, and I asked the question why?

Why do men climb mountains, is it because a mountains there?

What is it their feeling as they climb her mighty stairs?

Does it take their breath away to stand upon her peak,

Does it make them realize, next to her their small and weak.

On the top of a great mountain, do they praise He who made all things,

Do they feel close to heaven, almost hearing angels sing?

I don't have to climb a mountain to find the majesty within

I just have to lift my eyes up and keep my eyes on Him.




Copyright 2010 Donna Pampalone

All Rights Reserved

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